Are You Guilty of Misusing These 10 Word Pairs?

Hey, nobody’s perfect. But you should at least pretend, right? Here’s a small step toward creating the illusion you’re flawless: Make sure your professional communications – emails, blogs, articles or even a Facebook update – are more or less grammatically correct. While some grammar rules can be head-scratchers, others, like…
Mary Beth Nevulis
August 11, 2017

Syndicated Content: Friend or Foe?

As a former newswire employee, I was often asked about syndicated content. What exactly is it, and how can one use it to boost SEO—if at all? Likewise, what impact—positive or negative—will this have on my organization due to Google’s strict guidelines on boosting traffic via non-organic results? First, let’s…
Andy Ambrosius
February 7, 2017

Hell on Wheels: Mastering Mobile Content Distribution

Reading mobile content can be hell on wheels. Meaning, the experience is pretty bad. I personally abandon many websites (and other content) because they aren't optimized for mobile viewing. The content is either difficult to read on my phone, or it loaded so slowly that I lost interest. About 25 percent of…
Dan O'Brien
December 12, 2016