Top 10 Digital PR Hacks of the Year

By December 19, 2016 Public Relations

While Tech Image was only recently named the Digital PR Firm of the Year, we always knew our team had a few handy digital PR hacks up its sleeve.

That’s why throughout 2016, we asked our team to update our blog with useful tips and tricks. What we got was a full-blown “PR Hacks” campaign, drawing in thousands of readers to the Tech Image blog.

After a careful review of our Google Analytics, here are our most-read PR hacks of 2016:

PR Hacks: How to Use TrendKite to Wow Leadership

The work of PR pros is constantly called into question.  What is the ROI of a certain placement? How did a particular outcome impact a campaign? How do outputs translate into favorable outcomes? TrendKite, a tool for monitoring and evaluating PR results, provides some answers.

PR Hacks: Reaching Influencers on the Trade Show Floor

You’ve gotten your media list from the trade show organizer. You’ve assembled your pitch. You even have a number of appointments scheduled for your clients. You’ve done all you can do to maximize the number of meetings your company has with media attending the event, right? Wrong.

PR Hacks: How to Code a ‘Click to Retweet’ Link

Digitally savvy PR agencies will incorporate pre-crafted “Click to Tweet” links with their placement reports, but even that has a couple shortfalls. So, how do you create an easy “Click-to-Retweet”? It’s not as simple as using a third-party service like or, but it’s also easy enough for anyone to grasp. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

PR Hacks: TechNews and How to Use It

Are you tired of exhausting your usual media contacts? TechNews (formally IT Database) is a subscription-based tool, similar to Cision, for those working in media relations. Not only does it serve as a way to search for reporters, but it includes stellar search features that Cision does not.

PR Hacks: How to Revive the Long-Dead QR Code

Today, digitally savvy companies can do a lot more to customize both the look of the code and the kind of results people get from scanning them. While the traditional way of directing scanners to a specific URL is still available, QR codes can now do so much more.

PR Hacks: Nailing Down Reporters with Email Hunter

Trying to find a contact’s email address can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack while blindly spiraling down a rabbit hole. My best advice in this situation is to leave it to the experts, and in this case, that’s Email Hunter.

PR Hacks: GIF More and Receive More

One of the most effective and fastest growing social media phenoms sweeping the world is the animated GIF. They are all over social media and they’re growing. Why? They’re magnetic.

PR Hacks: Easily Set Up New Facebook “Instant Articles” on Your WordPress Website

Facebook recently loosened the reins on its Instant Articles feature, a unique way for users to load mobile news articles and blog posts instantly without leaving the app, and those of us in the media industry better pay close attention.

PR Hacks: How to Use Pixlr, Part Two

Pixlr is a free, web-based photo editing tool that works much like popular software. It’s great for creating rich media assets such as infographics to include with press releases and bylines. Part One covered the Tools palette on the left-hand side of the Pixlr. Now we’re moving to the right-hand side of the page: Panels.

PR Hacks: How to Bypass a ‘None Shall Pass’ Paywall

Sure, you might have a subscription to The Wall Street Journal or New York Times, but that doesn’t mean your colleagues, senior leadership or social media following does. So, how do you share the article with the masses without basically buying them a subscription? Here’s the hack.

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