Many companies invest a lot of money in the production of videos and they end up on the website with only 50 video views. It’s a shame to make that investment, only to see the videos languish with little or no attention. We know how to attract tens of thousands of video views to your videos, and connect them to an action that delivers a robust ROI.

Learn more about our Youtube Video Marketing program. Submit the questionnaire and we will reveal the opportunity for you to translate videos into business results.

1. Have you invested in video production, or are you planning on making that investment?

2. Does your brand have a YouTube account?

3. Can you describe the intended audience for this content channel?

4. What type of video content (product launch, testimonials, webinars, tutorials, etc.) do you intend to produce?

5. Do you have a landing page set up to capture leads from your video assets?

6. Are videos currently part of your Adwords program?

7. Can you describe your top-performing piece of content from your company's YouTube channel?

8. Is your sales team leveraging your video assets to grow revenue?

9. Do you have a reporting system in place for your company's video campaigns?

10. What goals do you hope to accomplish with your YouTube video marketing?